Raptor Trading Group LLC (Raptor) (RTG) is a privately held trading, training and quantitative research firm with global operations. The company was founded by traders who sought to create something unique in the industry; a proprietary trading firm that would enable experienced traders the means and opportunity to expand their business through highly competitive rates, and to offer apprentice traders’ one-on-one mentorship from a staff of committed trading professionals.

RTG is a proprietary trading firm specializing in equities, futures products, and currencies across all North American, European and Global exchanges. Raptor’s traders generate consistent returns by relying on proven trading strategies while adapting constantly to an ever-evolving marketplace. RTG prides itself on its highly responsive risk management system, which monitors each trader’s performance, embedding adaptive, customized patterns to maximize returns. Traders have access to multiple exchanges, which enables them to identify arbitrage opportunities, implement effective hedging techniques with futures products, and access option instruments. By employing daily risk analysis, each trader is able to recognize uncharacteristic or potentially problematic patterns with proficiency.

Traders use the firm’s capital and receive generous leverage and buying power to trade on an intra-day basis. Our traders enjoy great autonomy over their business, many of them developing trading groups of their own. Whether operating from remote locations or in offices, all our clients can rely on receiving rapid, personalized service and superior commission terms.

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