Raptor employs a dynamic team of quantitative researchers, each of whom has gained a particular mastery in their respective field. Together, this team has proven to deliver consistently profitable trading models for its select clientele of hedge funds, banks, proprietary trading groups and individual traders.

Raptor offers an individualized consulting service available to individual traders and financial institutions. We begin with a review of each client’s requirements, including: risk parameters, return objectives, and asset classes being traded. We then conduct a thorough back testing using the most reliable data available. At this point, together with the client, we can determine if a proposed strategy merits further development and implementation.

Raptor and its team have successfully completed a host of consultation projects, including:

  • Index arbitrage strategies
  • Deployment of algorithmic systems
  • Pairs trading and basket trading models
  • Back testing and optimization
  • Automated execution systems.
  • Risk modelling, money management, and capital allocation strategies.


In today’s rapid, dynamic markets, quantitative research and program development is becoming an essential requirement for any trader or institution hoping to maintain a competitive edge. Raptor meets that call by offering individualized consulting and development services from widely reputed experts in the quantitative research field. Our clients range from individual proprietary traders seeking back testing of trading strategies, to hedge funds looking to automate complex, multiasset, arbitrage trading strategies.

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