Now more than ever, technology is an integral component to trading. Raptor has invested substantial resources in perfecting its trading systems in order to stay on the cutting edge of equity and futures execution. The firm uses high-speed network connections to run multiple strategies, including high frequency and algorithmic models. Forward movement and dynamic adaptation are constants at Raptor.

Some highlights include:

  • Customized integration of an end-to-end technology solution to meet the specific needs of each trader.
  • Two levels of co-location services providing extremely low-latency, near-instantaneous order-entry.
  • Direct access to exchange native market data feeds.
  • Access to prime brokerage provided order entry gateways providing risk and market access rule controls.
  • Redundant data center facilities providing reliable, stable and scalable systematic infrastructure.

Technology plays a critical role in the success of Raptor’s business. As a result, Raptor maintains a robust investment program with respect to its infrastructure, technology offerings and resources, keeping it at the forefront of financially-focused technology innovation.

Raptor’s team of expert technologists work tirelessly to support and enhance the edge that its portfolio managers demand.

Dedicated development and engineering resources are readily available to assist in all technical aspects of helping new groups start and establish their environment, and to provide proactive, ongoing technical support as they grow thereafter.

Technologists engaged by Raptor find the environment both challenging and rewarding as they work to facilitate some of the most sophisticated strategies and empower the most talented investment professionals in the industry.

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