To cease to think creatively is but little different from ceasing to live.~ Benjamin Franklin


Raptor is committed to expanding the world of traders and that of those who need to place capital wisely. That commitment extends to empowering like-minded partners that have their own ideas about growing and enhancing opportunities and needs. We're working with individual traders, managers, fund of funds and institutional capital allocators who share our values and appreciate the alpha that Raptor provides by co-integration and a coordinated collision of these two worlds.

The opportunities that Raptor looks for are through a comprehensive, structured, quantitative approach to evaluating critical decisions in regards to sourcing trading talent and the funding and management of such talent. Raptor builds on its understanding of how markets are structured and what are the drivers and organizing principles that explain how traders compete for capital and capital competes for traders. Raptor creates an integrated view of behaviors and benefits based on attitudes and situation-specific requirements. This combined understanding provides both traders and capital providers a powerful framework to define sources of volume growth for each.

Raptor enables market participants to determine where and how to compete. Successful capital seeders use Raptor to develop a deeper and more precise understanding of growth opportunities by answering critical questions in three broad areas – where to compete (correlation or non-correlation of products and traders), how to win (selecting the best and having the ability to move capital amongst best of breed traders without penalty), and what is winning worth? No Redemption-Priceless

Traders have the ability to be incubated and cultivated to become that best of breed manager and allow Raptor to do all the heavy lifting, getting them where they want to be, where they deserve to be!


Raptor offers financial experts the support and expertise to run their own trading infrastructure with a turnkey solution. This may include direct access trade execution, training and mentoring, software development and quantitative research. This program is of particular interest to trading groups which seek to improve upon their current infrastructure and which require a greater range of services to their traders. Partners run their operation under their own trade name while they receive Raptor support services.


This program does not require any capital investment and is offered to institutions and independent representatives alike. Partners acquire the right to represent Raptor within their region. As an example, a Business Consultant may have clients seeking training or mentoring, quantitative research, or trading system development. The consultant would facilitate the contact with Raptor and profit from the initial and any recurring revenues generated through that client.


Raptor assists traders and trading groups in establishing their own proprietary trading operations. With our highly competitive fee structure and comprehensive package of services, including training, system development, new services and trade report management, we allow traders to focus on their trading while we do the rest.

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