Best Proprietary Trader Training Program in the Industry

Train at our offices or train remotely from your desktop anywhere around the globe! The best way to learn is by doing: Raptor's proprietary trading firm gives you real experience to learn and develop your own style and strategy and get you trading fast.

  • We choose the best candidates, and we’ve trained some of the best traders in the industry
  • Trading seminars, ongoing coaching, a virtual trading floor and an active trading community
  • Experienced RTG coaches
  • We Take The Risk

    Learning to trade is hard enough without having to fund your account or pay training tuition. Our proprietary trading firm provides all the training and 100% of the money you need to trade. You focus on what is most important: your trading.

  • Opportunity to learn and work with the best
  • Work hard and you control your success
  • RTG doesn’t profile: athletes, gamers, English or finance majors: successful traders come with all backgrounds
  • Unlimited Earning Potential

    Being a successful trader is more than just a career: it’s a lifestyle. Work hard and play hard: and your reward is financial freedom that allows the lifestyle you crave. Raptor provides our select candidates the training and capital to launch a new way of life.

  • Competitive drive and entrepreneurial spirit are key to your success
  • RTG trading floor is informal, intellectual and entrepreneurial: traders at all levels in their careers
  • Reach your potential in a competitive performance based environment
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