Raptor Capital Management (RCM) identifies and sources emerging hedge fund talent to structure and develop relationships with these managers. RCM establishes strategic relationships with emerging managers, providing them with seeding and acceleration capital in addition to distribution and business support.

RCM is eyeing early-stage investments in global managers and emerging traders as rivals reduce research staff after the 2008 global financial crisis in attempts to cut costs, raising barriers for smaller traders and fund managers to expand assets. With less proprietary trading than before and less assets under management trading those strategies than before, Raptor is providing an excellent playground for talented individuals to express themselves. While chances to back early-stage managers abound in the U.S. and Europe we feel India, Asia and the Middle East provide greater opportunities and we are willing to spend time incubating such.

Raptor CM has been identifying and working with early stage hedge fund managers for years in various roles. We believe this background will enhance our capabilities in identifying and sourcing new trading talent early in their life cycle. Raptor plans to boost our seeding and emerging manager program as we work to execute on our plans to significantly grow our investment universe. RCM is actively involved in all aspects of the prime brokerage relationship – including originating prospects, sales, and relationship management

Raptor is a leading provider and manager of alternative investment products. The Raptor Group has offices in New York and plans for London, Mumbai, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Raptor Capital Management looks for a combination of qualities in Traders/ Managers including;

  • Knowledgeable, experienced, and stable management team;
  • Stable and proven investment approach;
  • Ability to add value post-investment;
  • Superior investment returns (absolute and relative) ;
  • Evidence of value creation through operational improvement;
  • Rigorous due diligence methodology;
  • Legal terms that align Limited Partner and General Partner interests.

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