Raptor employs a dynamic team of quantitative researchers, each of whom has gained a Trading | Training Program hiring and developing recent college graduates aspiring traders has been at the core of Raptor’s identity. The RTG Training Program is our system for building lasting foundational skills for our traders.

Program Philosophy

The following are some of our core beliefs underlying the Raptor Training Program.

  • Invest in traders, not vice-versa: Do not take or require capital contributions or training fees from new traders unless they request to participate in a fund matching program
  • Trading talent begets trading talent: Use only top traders as trainers and surround trainees with proven successful professionals
  • Accelerate the learning curve through live trading: the market is the best classroom
  • Drill the basics, like risk/reward computation, until they are second nature and machine-like
  • Adaptability is paramount: constantly develop the trader's strategy toolbox to foster success in any market
  • Inspire openness and honesty throughout the process: ask tough questions, demand accountability
  • Training conducted by firm Head of Trading and Trading Development Directors, each of whom are highly successful traders
  • Begins with 2-3 week classroom intensive aimed at conveying core concepts
  • Software training and market trading simulation
  • After demonstrating understanding of fundamentals, trainees begin supervised live trading with Raptor capital allocation
  • Rotation throughout trading floor to learn new strategies and to enable trainees to identify their own unique style
  • Daily pre- and post-market meetings and regular seminars conducted by top traders
  • Regular team building exercises: trading contests, social events, volunteering


Our training program introduces students to proven trading methods, many of which are unknown by the average day trader. We focus on real life trade set-ups and traps, helping traders develop a disciplined risk management strategy for real markets, rather than painting pie-in-the-sky pictures of unlimited profits with curve-fit trading systems and strategies.

We move from fundamental concepts such as trading news releases to advanced technical approaches, including Market Profile and arbitrage. Our trainees then learn how to implement these concepts in a live trading room under the wing of their mentor. Students learn to master trade placement through appropriate ECNs and learn how to recognize institutional activity. Psychology is also a key feature of the success of our program. Traders develop winning attitudes and disciplined risk management through an intensive trading environment. They learn to think in terms of probabilities; of maximizing gains and minimizing risk, which leads them to greater confidence, consistency and the ability to trade with greater size and profitability.

Classes can be held online, onsite or in one of our affiliate trading offices.


Students are introduced to trading concepts which are often new to many traders, and which are also proven to be highly successful. Traders learn how to trade economic releases, how to understand the yield curve and how to implement low-risk spread trading strategies. Traders will master technical tools such as Market Profile, candlesticks and other advanced charting methods, as well as Raptor’s own proprietary trading indicators.

Traders then implement these concepts in a live trading room with their mentor. Traders will learn how to recognize the machinations of institutions in the market and how to trade from the cues these big players leave. They also learn how to flush out thinking patterns which are detrimental to long term success. Students begin to think in terms of probabilities, as they acquire disciplined and profitable trading habits.

Classes can be held online, onsite or in one of our affiliate trading offices.

This two week course is designed for traders, system developers and investment managers of all asset classes and time scales who are looking to back test a trading strategy. The course will provide students with a fundamental and practical understanding of issues in back-testing, optimization, and risk control. The key to developing a successful trading system is being able to take a good idea, test it, and optimize it with reliable data. Yet the process is riddled with potential pitfalls which only experienced researchers know how to avoid. RTG educators elucidates these issues and provides a methodical approach to back-testing and optimization which all students will be able to implement using MATLAB. Class sizes are restricted to a dozen students per session, creating a close, interactive learning environment and to ensure timely response to student queries. The course consists of 15 hours of interactive, online instruction over a two week period.

Classes can be held online, onsite or in one of our affiliate trading offices.


This two week course introduces students to using statistical arbitrage strategies with particular reference to research, testing and implementation. Students will learn how to apply statistical arbitrage to a variety of trading styles, including pairs and triplets trading, momentum, index arbitrage, and long-short portfolios. Relevant software (MATLAB) will be used throughout the course to illustrate examples and to help students practice the essential steps in developing a statistical arbitrage strategy. No prior knowledge of MATLAB is required. (Note: Students will be able to apply the principles learnt during the workshop, regardless of which software they choose to use thereafter). The course consists of 15 hours of interactive, online instruction over a two week period.

Classes can be held online, onsite or in one of our affiliate trading offices. /



Raptor offers the opportunity for any individual to succeed in today’s markets. Students acquire winning trading methods taught by master traders and learn to develop a finely tuned and disciplined trading approach through one-on-one mentoring. Raptor also has a tremendous amount of experience in teaching swing and retail traders the methods required for successful intraday trading.


Raptor offers a comprehensive, intensive training and mentorship program, as well as quantitative analysis and program development. Learning never stops in the trading industry and firms which acknowledge this and devote resources to new technologies and methods are able to stay ahead of the competition and remain profitable.


Raptor enables institutions that lack the time or expertise to train their employees the opportunity to utilize our successful training program and quantitative research services. Often, it is in having alternate and externally sourced training that allows firms to become more innovative and adaptive to today’s dynamic markets.

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