Perhaps no proprietary firm anywhere invests as much time, money and expertise in its training programs. Raptor employs a team of highly experienced traders who personally mentor each trading student. The result is that we turn out a phenomenally high proportion of consistently profitable traders.

Raptor services a variety of clientele, providing total training solutions for institutions of higher education, proprietary trading groups and individuals. These training programs are both comprehensive and intensive, introducing traders to advanced concepts and methods which many traders are unaware of. Students acquire the theory which is fundamental to deeper understanding and then develop practical trading expertise, in a live trading room, under the tutelage of experienced trading professionals. Superior training is the foundation of a successful trading career. One cannot move from novice to master in a weekend seminar or by reading a few books. Success requires mentorship from a seasoned professional and many weeks, if not months, of guided mentorship and practice in a live market environment. Similarly, institutions cannot hope to succeed in today’s competitive markets without continual training and investment in quantitative research and systems development.

You will be assigned to a small group of traders and researchers, to ensure that your skills are best utilized. Functioning as an autonomous, independent unit, your trading team will be responsible for researching, modeling and back-testing trading strategies. While your experienced team leader will guide your group’s specific strategy and activities, we encourage you to explore and develop your own unique trading ideas as well.

What We Look For:

When determining appropriate RTG candidates, we look for ambitious, highly-motivated individuals with the desire to apply their intellectual curiosity to all aspects of our business. Over the years, we’ve found that those who enjoy developing unique solutions to complex, detail-oriented problems make ideal candidates for RTG employment.

While trading knowledge and experience are strong qualifications, we accept both experienced professionals as well as recent graduates and industry novices. Most of our employees have degrees in computer science, engineering, math or statistics. However, we consider candidates with degrees in virtually any field, provided they exhibit a strong desire to learn and drive to succeed.

A Great Environment

Our professional trading floor provides a demanding work environment with an atmosphere of friendly camaraderie. We love what we do, and the enthusiasm we bring to our work is evident to all who join us. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas and insights with each other, promoting a positive, growth-oriented environment. At RTG, we provide you with every opportunity to build an impressive career supported by lasting professional relationships.

Opportunities for Growth

New hires are put in charge of significant responsibilities soon after joining our team, providing incredible growth potential. Our group’s small size uniquely allows us to recognize and reward outstanding performance with a generous, merit-based bonus system. There’s no such thing as a faceless employee at our tight-knit, fast-growing firm – our flat management structure allows for all employees to report directly to an owner/partner. At Raptor, we value and encourage everyone’s contribution and strive to ensure that hard work is compensated both financially and with excellent advancement opportunities

Cost Savings

Our solutions mitigate exposure to human and technological risks associated with in-house solutions. As a result, many of our clients have lowered their overall fees by 40% or more.

Autonomy and Valuable IP

Safeguarding your infrastructure is at the forefront of our business. We offer assurance that your environment is protected by the most rigorous safeguards in the industry.

Our Philosophy

We believe the markets continually present profitable opportunities to those who are prepared and know where to look. Using an equal measure of quantitative analysis, behavioral economics and top-tier technology, we position ourselves to exploit these opportunities and expand our book of financial instruments for the overall benefit of our employees and partners. Making this possible is a diverse group of talented researchers, technologists, and traders working together to drive our growth.

At Raptor, we are a dynamic, entrepreneurial investment firm that pushes boundaries. We’re not just a successful proprietary trading firm with roots in risk management and market making, we are also a highly-sophisticated technology firm developing solutions for a range of ventures, financial and beyond. While we are proud of our success in the investing world, we are forever looking forward. RTG provides all the necessary tools for each trader to create his or her own entrepreneurial business. Each trader and trainee at Raptor is given every opportunity to shape who we are and what we could be. Join us and discover a career opportunity unlike any other.

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